At Atelier, our designers are dedicated to making outstanding furniture that lasts longer than a lifetime.

Anne Noordam

Anne founded the Dutch design company Decoration Empire in 1988. She is renowned for her unparalleled attention to detail and instinctive understanding of what makes a design successful.
Anne is determined to go the extra mile in pursuit of perfection. She has designed exquisite homes all over the globe. Anne excels in finding the right balance between the elements of design and the emotions they evoke. Every design blends materials, textures and shapes to create a certain energy.

Thong lei

Thong has a background in photography and advertising. He is passionate about aesthetics. His key to successful design is to look for continuous improvement. There are no strict rules that dictate design—just follow your feelings. This is Art with a capital A, and it is Thong’s enduring love.


We design furniture. This means a long process of sketching, modeling, refining, testing, re-modeling. This takes some time. Only if we think the shape and level of comfort is just like we want it to be, we can go into the next phase.

We have highly qualified manufacturers for our seating, tables en lights, who will do their utmost to make the furniture we intend it to be.
All the fabrics used, are carefully selected by our designers and tested for the purpose we have select it for.


Interfurn BV

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4104 AC Culemborg
The Netherlands
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